I'm about to buy myself a new notebook and I've been wondering about the whole Hybrid Graphics problem.
I've had a Dell XPS 15 with a NVIDIA Optimus Graphics Card for a while now, and I'm really not very happy with the way bumblebee and ironhide "solved" the problem.

I've looked into some AMD Radeon Graphics Cards and I haven't found many people complaining about problems with the switch between the discrete and integrated cards.

But apparently AMD made a lot of attempts on this energy saving field, and things got a little messy, there is Enduro tecnology, zero core technology and so on.

My questions basicaly are:
Do you think it is a good idea to stay away from optimus and NVIDIA and try AMD?
Which one is working better with ubuntu?
I do a lot of OpenGL, OpenCL programming as well as gamming, do you recommend a specific notebook?

Thank you for any replies