As described in a separate thread here...

...I just bought a Lenovo ultrabook (with pre-installed Windows 7) and have been unable to set up dual boot during Ubuntu 12.04 installation. The Ubuntu install does NOT recognize the presence of Windows 7 on the machine (at which point I aborted the install). Apparently the problem (or a big part of the problem) is that the machine has a RAID storage mode and has an HDD + SSD combination, as opposed to just HDD.

Don't really understand the storage issues, but I am wondering if this storage configuration will allow me to install Ubuntu 12.04 IN PLACE of Windows 7. After which I could install VIrtualBox and run Windows 7 virtually. (I need Windows for MS Office.)

Prior to running into the problem with the dual boot installation, I would never even have thought to ask this question. But I DO NOT want to wipe out Windows 7 by installing Ubuntu, and then discover my Ubuntu install doesn't work because of the storage configuration.