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Thread: can't make mysql server work

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    can't make mysql server work

    Hi guys. I have finally moved away from OS-X. After a few days of unsuccessful attempts I was finally able to install apache2, php5 and I almost got mysql. I've managed to start apache2 and mysql. Both can be stopped/started or/and restarted from the /etc/init.d/...

    The first issue I'd like to work on is to be able to see any mysql modules when testing the php server with the "phpinfo()" function. Currently there isn't any mysql module displayed.

    The second issue is related to accessing phpmyadmin (that I installed using synaptic).

    When I go to http://localhost/myphpadmin -- I get this error: " The mysqli extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration.

    Things I've tried :

    I changed and enabled the "mysqli.allow.onfile" in the php.ini file (with no success)
    I changed and enabled the "" to "mysqli" (with no result).


    I was wondering if somebody could walk me really quickly through the process of connecting mysql server to the php. My Ubuntu version is 12.0.4. Thank you very much in advance.
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