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Thread: Ubuntu install not recognizing Windows 7 presence

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    Ubuntu install not recognizing Windows 7 presence

    Just bought a Lenovo ultrabook with Windows 7 pre-installed. The "disk" storage is solid state.

    Tried to install Ubuntu 12.04 in its own partition, so that I can dual-boot. (installing from a DVD on an external DVD drive.)

    Ran into an immediate problem: The installation process did not recognize that Windows 7 was already installed, so it did not ask me what to do. It just went directly to the screen that should show the partitions already there--but it showed NO partitions present.

    I cancelled the install and booted back into Windows 7 and got into disk management. It showed two "disks": Disk0 and Disk1.

    Disk0 is 8.0 GB and is described as a "Hibernation partition."

    Disk1 has four partitions:

    1. "SYSTEM_DRV", 200MB, NTFS, "System, Active, Primary Partition"
    2. " Windows7_OS (C)", 402GB, NTFS, "Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition"
    3. "LENOVO (D)", 25GB, NTFS, "Primary Partition"
    4, (unnamed), 19.34GB, "OEM Partition"

    As I said, the Ubuntu 12.04 install process doesn't recognized the presence of Windows 7. The above information from Windows 7 disk management is just FYI, in case it is useful information.

    Does anyone know why the Ubuntu install does not see Windows 7? And does anyone know what I can do about it?

    Thanks very much.
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