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Thread: Wind farm fever! Video help needed

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    Wind farm fever! Video help needed

    Hi, some consortium is planning to build a wind farm in my area.
    They have released some mock-up photos showing the visual impact but seem to have made them blend in with the sky. Whether this is deliberate or not I cannot say but I feel that in reality these turbines will look worse.

    So i was thinking of making an animated version, with the blades turning. This might be a better representation of the planed project.
    Does anybody know how I could achieve this?

    I have had some experience using Sketchup and a little with video editing.
    I could maybe shoot some footage of an existing turbine with a blue sky background and chroma-key it out.
    But how would I create seven turbines from that and "paste" them over the original JPGs? (Image size 3,004x2,228 6.7MP)

    As you may be able to tell. I am not in favour of ruining a beautiful landscape so that someone 200 miles away can watch their 50" plasma TV all day
    Any advice would be greatly welcome, thanks
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