Some years ago I made a professional CD. It cost a fair bit to do at the time and to be honest, I gave away more than I sold as it is spoken word and not everyone's cup of tea. However, things have moved on and these days you can extract all the tracks and upload them to well loads of places and it may be worth doing that.

So I have some technical questions. Is Rhythym box going to affect the quality or what is uploaded? Iss the quality actually in the files itself?. Is there any good software that will convert the file types if I need that and if anyone has done this, using linux, do they have any advice?

I think this will be a once off as these days there is good enough recording software for what I want to do, and friends have the ability to make things sound ok-but anyway would be nice to get the project out there one more time....So another question is, what do people rate for recording purposes. I do sometimes record for an internet radio show for a friend of mine and we have literally been using skype phone and his skill once the recording is done! I think now though we are both too busy and I need to record and send. I have Audacity, so is there any advance on that?