I have the whole of Bible Analyzer downloaded and have extracted the files and have an icon that looks as if if I click on it then the program would open and I would be able to use it. Unfortunately, what happens is that when I click on it -well it closes the finder thing and nothing else happens.

Is this like the Open Office thing I have where I have Open Office but can only open it using the terminal and if that is the case, what do I put in the terminal to open Bible analyzer? It is Bible Analyzer 4.5. -Or, do I need to do something iwith Wine?

(I also still have the whole of Calligra Author on my desktop. )This is NOT Calligra 2.5 which I also have and this remains as a tar gz file and I cannot seem to run that either although I clearly have all the files. If anyone has any ideas about that I would still like to try it.))

Gosh when those two are sorted I cannot think of another thing I need.



Ubuntu 12.4