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Thread: Minimal X with only few applications

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    Minimal X with only few applications


    how can I build me ubuntu so that I get the following abilities:

    1) Login with username and password
    2) multiuser in X so that I can change user without loggin other one out.
    3) No desktop, no start menu etc. but only 3 or 4 graphical applications between which I can switch (e.g. by keyboard shorcut)
    4) All applications run in fullscreen mode (maybe forced)

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Minimal X with only few applications

    You should start with a CLI only install, and then hand pick what you want/ need.

    Modest Spec or Barebones Installation of Ubuntu
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    Re: Minimal X with only few applications

    The only thing that I found that comes close to what your asking

    Ill be following this with interests; I too am always on the lookout for a new low


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