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Thread: Samsung series 5 laptop problem linux mint

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    Re: Samsung series 5 laptop problem linux mint

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    Did not find a manual, but somehow I got it open. There were a lot of latches. Anyway, this is the inside of the computer. I think I know which one is the cmos battery. Dont know which one is the issd. There seem to be 3 cables from the motherboard to the battery.

    Here is an imgur gallery of how it looks inside. Do you know what the issd could be?

    EDIT: The issd is cleared, now it just boots the samsung screen over and over, but the same problem as earlier. The boot blasts by so fast that there is no time to press f2 to get into bios. I had the cmos battery out for 2 min, did not reset the bios.
    Disconnect the main battery & cmos battery at the same time and leave disconnected for 2min or so. The cmos battery acts as a backup battery to the main battery I suspect so you have to disconnect both in order to clear the cmos settings.

    Also check if there is no reset jumpers or buttons on the board.

    Also try hitting the escape key rapidly while turning the power on. Also try the same with the f2 key.

    The cmos might have a predetermined boot order set so maybe plug a usb stick in and see if it picks that up.

    EDIT: I see a label in one of your picks indicating a reset button on what looks like the bottom of your laptop?
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