I need a system wide equalizer because my headphones are basslacky and so is my sound card.

Alsa recognizes my Asus Xonar Essence ST properly, and I can hear sound, no problems there. But after trying to get any kind of alsa equalizer working, I decided to try and use an equalizer for pulse audio.
There is one (or more?) around and it seems to work well, however, there's just soooo much distortion. It's like my 64ohm headphones were set to 600 or something and volume to full, but the volume isn't loud at all, even at minimal volumes, I can hear the low ends just distorting to the point where I can't even hear them at all.

Any ideas on how to overcome this problem, are there other equalizer options?
And now I don't wan't any equalizers for specific software, I want system wide.