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Thread: ssh -D tunnel can't access

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    Question ssh -D tunnel can't access

    Hi,I don't know where to post this question so I post here,if I make a mistake I will apologize.

    I have a Xen #1 vps,with ubuntu 11.10 kernel 3.0.0-12-generic-pae.

    my two clients is : Asus notebook windows7 64-bit,Asus eeepc Xubuntu 12.04.1

    On Xubuntu I simply use ssh -D,On windows I use Bitvise ssh cilent,both with firefox 15.0+autoproxy,I also test it on chrome+proxy switchysharp,but I can access to all of the sites except,and youtube,and all websites which belongs to google. this weird :<

    But,if I found thier IPs,I can access them through IP. I used socks v5 proxy.It resolve dns on the server! So I log in the server,/etc/resolv.conf is already set to I excute "host"/"dig"/"ping".All of them return the correct reports.(from,right IPs).

    But if I curl,got nothing.If I curl google's IP,got its homepage.then I check /etc/hosts /etc/hosts.deny,nothing,they are alright. I have a ufw firewall default in policy to "deny",but I think it no effect.

    Anybody help me? this is really wired.I even want to give up and buy a new one.but I don't have that money. :<
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