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Thread: Video Resolution 12.0.4

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    Video Resolution 12.0.4

    I checked to make sure this wasn't posted elsewhere before this post. So I did an install of 12.0.4 as a stand alone system on a Dell Inspirion N5010. Was working great. Very smooth and fast. As usual, tried to make it look different and put the "Mac-Lion" theme on it and it too worked great. Only issue was the boot splash screen and shut down screen with the "apple" on it was out of center of the screen. I thought I had found a fix for the resolution for just the splash screen. But it wasn't. What I actually did was change the entire resolution of the computer. It was 1366x768 ( not sure what bit it was) and changed it to the highest resolution that was available which was 1024x768-24bit. Now my screen is way out of sorts. Usable, but not right. Any suggestions of how to get it back to the 1366x768??? I used the following screen shot to change the resolution. The other screen shot is of my actual terminal.
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