Hi, this is my first post in the forums. I have peppermint os, a variant of Lubuntu 12.0.4, on my laptop.
Ever since installing ubuntu, I faced problems with getting my wireless card to work. The network manager applet would tell me that I was connected with a wireless Port, but I would still be unable to use the internet (Browsers returning "not connected to network"). The problem exists with every ubuntu-based distro I tried.

My wireless card is an RT3090BC4 card. Even after installing the driver packages from the manufacturer, my wifi card would still fail to get me connected to my room's wifi, though it would continue to tell me that it was connected.
Very recently, I realized that updating my kernel to versions over 3.4 would get my wifi card to work. However, installing ubuntu's mainline kernels seem to cause heating on my laptop. Is there a way to go back to kernel 3.2, while keeping my wifi driver functional?