For some reason, DNS stopped working in my home network. I'm not sure when this started, I don't test it every day. Basically, I'm using bind in my home network for local DNS resolving. When I ping a host from my DNS server (Hermes) it works fine and shows the proper IP. But if I ping from any other PC, it does not work. I don't understand why this isn't working. I don't remember changing anything, other than setting up a few DHCP reservations, which I wouldn't think would effect DNS.

When I ping a host from any other PC, I get:
64 bytes from ( icmp_req=2 ttl=56 time=29.4 ms
That looks like it's the ISP domain that is responding and not my local PC.

Here is my /etc/bind/net.localnet:
; dns zone for for localnet


; any time you make a change to the domain, bump the
; "serial" setting below. the format is easy:
; YYYYMMDDI, with the I being an iterator in case you
; make more than one change during any one day

@ IN SOA localnet. hostmaster.localnet. (

201210081 ; serial

8H ; refresh
4H ; retry
4W ; expire
1D ) ; minimum
@ IN NS hermes.localnet.
athena          IN      A
ceres           IN      A
eris            IN      A
hermes          IN      A
nyx             IN      A
pluto           IN      A
trinity         IN      A
zeus            IN      A

; bla           IN      CNAME   hermes ; Example of a CNAME record, if nec$
; www           IN      A ; Example of a www record

And my /etc/bind/revp.172.16.254:
; reverse pointers for subnet
@ IN SOA hermes.localnet. hostmaster.localnet. (
201210081 ; serial
28800 ; refresh (8 hours)
14400 ; retry (4 hours)
2419200 ; expire (4 weeks)
86400 ; minimum (1 day)
@ NS hermes.localnet.
4       PTR     zeus.localnet.
5       PTR     hermes.localnet.
10      PTR     pluto.localnet.
11      PTR     ceres.localnet.
12      PTR     trinity.localnet.
13      PTR     athena.localnet.
14      PTR     eris.localnet.
28      PTR     nyx.localnet.
I appreciate any help, I'mm still a beginner with bind so please go easy on me.