It has been since version 9 that I have used Ubuntu; not because of it's shortcomings. Personially I believe Linux is a far superior OS than windows. However there are some software packages that I simply have to run in Windows such as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Previously I have partioned my hardrive and ran a dual boot system from one drive. Eventually I needed the hardrive space as we all know Windows is a pig and finally had to go back to windows on my i7. I have kept Ubuntu on my older AMD triple core as a Linux only machine. Now that hardrives have become so inexpensive I have purchased a 500Gb Toshiba USB portable drive and would like to install Ubuntu from a live DVD to this drive so that I can use it on both my i7 desktop and my i5 laptop simply by carrying the hardrive from computer to computer.

As long as both systems are set to boot off the USB first, I believe that I can run Linux without having to boot into windows or using a dual boot loader. I guess my question is has anyone done this (I am sure many people have) and is the install procedure any different from a Live DVD than a regular install?

My thinking is that If I installed Ubuntu to the Toshiba external drive using the whole drive for Ubuntu and both computers would boot from the USB port first that I could use Ubuntu on both of my machines without any problems. I have searched the forums on installation procedures regarding this but have not found any real answers.