Hello. I'm looking for some kind of software that creates graphs based on several measured values and the calculates the function for those values.

I've been trying to look around a lot on the web for such a program and out of those I've found one or more probably serves my end quite well, I just have some trouble figuring out how they function.
I'm planning on using it for my physics class, but considering I'm studying everything in Swedish I have some difficulties knowing exactly what functions serves my purpose as I don't know all the english words.
On top of that I currently lack the time needed to sift through the manuals for corresponding programs, which I otherwise would've done.

For the current project I simply need a program where I can enter the measured values and get a nice graph and the linear function it will be based upon.
Each of the values are not precise and therefore the software will have to be able to calculate based on that.

Any help for this would be great, as I have no real idea what program to use.