I just connected to Internet on my desktop after having issues with drivers. I normally watch Netflix on ps3 through TV. However, when i connected PC to TV and have Internet connections i thought i would like to see a movie through Internet and see if the screen any different. Well, i came to Netflix since i have a membership and guess what? I was told that my OS is not supported. What the what? Anyway, i went out and search reasons of why. I found out that Netflix supports DRM- Digital Rights Management which i believe is handles by MS. Now, i played Netflix on my phone, an android based (always have been android since my g1 phone) so how is it that Linux are not allowed? So, i was mad that Netflix did such and i am literally ending my subscription at end of this month. I looked on Hulu and Hulu plays well in my Firefox browser so i signed up free trial week. So far quality is great but the selection is so so. What are you guys think about Netflix? Also, what are other options other than Hulu out there?