This problem started after I resized my Wubi partition. After rebooting, my cpu usage monitor showed that I was constantly using about 50% of my cpu, even with no programs running. Usually with nothing running, it doesn't show more than about 10% cpu usage. This was just after start up. I opened system monitor and looked for programs that were using more cpu than normal, but there were non. It just seemed that everything was running normally, but an extra 50% cpu usage was added on with no programs being responsible.
I am not sure how to properly insert an image (maybe I have to upload it to an image hosting site first) but system monitor showed that CPU1 was using ~100% while CPU2 was using `10%, and after a short while, they would switch. I assumed that that represented the individual cores, as my computer is a dual core. Is this some sort of virus, or is something malfunctioning? Nothing else seems to be out of the ordinary.