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Thread: installing ubuntu as safe as possible

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    installing ubuntu as safe as possible

    Hello, I'm sorry if you have seen this question a thousand times, I've googled everything but just can't seem to get a straight answer. so here's my problem:

    • I can't install ubuntu using wubi because after reboot, it says cannot mount due to operating system crash or not clean and all that, can't run chkdsk /r either. And yes my windows 7 is recovered from a problem before and now the disk has 3 partitions: C:\, D:\System Reserved, and one more without a label (can only be seen in disk management)

    • My SSD currently doesn't have a free unallocated space so I tried shrinking C: using windows 7 disk management, but I can't do that either because the shrink button is greyed out. it says something about cannot move unmoveable files. I already defrag the disk and nothing changed. I'm afraid to use GParted because a forum said that there's a risk of unable to boot to windows if you shrink windows using GParted.

    • I have a bootable usb stick with ubuntu in it, an once it let me choose the option "install side by side" but during copying files I decided to cancel the progress because it hasn't offered me to choose free space. Now the option disappear.

    Right now I can't risk losing my windows 7 installation because I have so little time, I can manage to create recovery disk, but before that, what is the problem with my disk? What can I do to make it "clean" and dualboot ubuntu safely?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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