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Thread: apt-get upgrade errors (12.04.1)

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    apt-get upgrade errors (12.04.1)

    When i run an apt-get upgrade I can see it go through the process of downloading and installing files but then the screen fills with:

    FATAL: Module index: unexpected error: EOF
    Try re-running depmod.

    Any idea what the issue is?
    This is on an Ubuntu server edition running in XenServer.

    If i reboot after this finishes the VM fails to start with errors like:

    modprod : FATALL Module index: unexpected error:EOF
    tey re-running depmod

    An error occured mounting /boot
    mount: unknown filesystem type 'ext2'
    mountall: mount /boot [604] terminated with status 32
    mountall: Filesystem could not be mounted: /boot
    Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery

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