Hi, my name is Matt, if that matters, and I'm having troubles getting the goodies that I want for ubuntu. I am very much a novice at this, since I haven't had a pc for about 15 yrs now and just getting started again. I am pretty much of a shut in and get out very little. The only internet access I have is my phone, and can't afford to get the tether necessary from AT&T. The thing I might point out to other newbies that my bright idea of down loading on the phone and copying the zips to the computer for install did not work out well at all. The few chances I've had to be on the internet I've managed to get a few items, but always need some add on that I realised too late to get. I wish not to tell the whole story of my delema as it would take a whole day, although it would probably make a few laugh their back sides off.
Anyway. I really have liked what I had been doing with this OS and would like to get back to where I was before I totally bungled the whole thing up again. I have tried searching for a full compliment of the ubuntu packages in disc form but the only place I found (and only once did I find it) was from the UK and it sold a whole set of stuff for something like 50 pounds. That's all good, but A,I don't get the currency, and B, I need to be able to send a money order. Couldn't find my way there either.
Can any one help me with a place that I might mail order stuff to my hearts content?
I would be most indebted.