Hi all,

a couple of weeks ago I started a thread after my fan started going mental...


the thread was closed due my having a trivial fan problem, however,

...since that time, the Ubuntu 11.10 system that I had been using, has absolutely refused to let me get back on line, whether it be wifi, 3G etc. (I'm now on the same computer but using a different Linux). At first, I lost even the Ubuntu connection icon - as well as the page which requires the sim code to connect- although after a run through recovery mode, the icon is back yet it still won't allow me to type in the pin code needed to connect.

So Game Over Ubuntu...(again!)

Just so you know, I even changed the fan but hey, the problem is still there.

Is it normal for a fan to disable your internet connections?

unfortunately, right now I don't have much time to hang around and resolve this.

When I do have time, I shall follow the advice on this site regarding security such as here...


what would be nice to know is, "can the Ubuntu system be repaired or has it been cyber-knobbled and needs to be erased?"

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

To me, it would appear that some dark-side entity has entered my computer and fiddled with things. Then again, maybe we should just keep an eye on those fans?

Love to you all,