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Thread: Cannot boot Ubuntu anymore - BIOS can't find proper boot settings - no loader found!

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    Cannot boot Ubuntu anymore - BIOS can't find proper boot settings - no loader found!

    Ubuntu (insert latest version) has worked perfectly fine since I made my USB bootable and placed the .iso on it.

    I've been using the LiveCD in RAM for weeks, but one day I decided to mess with the devices (to try and partition the drive, which was dumb of me) and I changed the file system in a drop-down-box listing to another similar one with a different address and restarted.

    The OS won't boot, and BIOS will dump on the screen "Operating system not found" now.

    It's my fault for messing with stuff I wasn't aware of - but here's where I really need help .... HOW DO I FIX THIS???!!!

    I've searched around everywhere, and as far as I know there's no questions on this problem.

    Should I format the volume again, and place the bootloader and .iso back on the drive again after partitioning, or do I do something else?

    Please help! I've just been learning Ubuntu, the terminal commands, and I Just installed Code::Blocks (I'm a computer programmer), but I can't figure out how to solve this problem!

    I've done everything on BIOS, but this is obviously something with the drive's boot flags, and/or hexadecimal memory address.

    PS: I am NOT dual-booting, I only have one bootloader and disc image of Ubuntu on my USB, and one computer system(aside from another in the house I have access to). I have only one working(previously)OS, which is Ubuntu. I need to write stuff for work, and I can't afford to buy any tools/other devices to boot an operating system/ROM device program!
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