Hello, I just bought an ASUS K55A and immediately put Ubuntu 12.04 on it. So far so good, but for whatever reason the clickpad seems a little off to me. The clickpad has two areas on the bottom left and bottom right that are physically clickable. In my initial windows 7 startup, these areas were left and right click respectively and I would like it to behave the same way in Ubuntu as it does seem more natural and easier to use. Right now both buttons result in a left click.

Also, I accidentally realized that the clickpad handles mouse clicks in the following manner:

- A single tap on the pad anywhere = left click
- Two quick taps on the pad anywhere = right click
- Three quick taps on the pad anywhere = a strange circle with arrows appears in the middle of the screen. Not sure what to do here.

Dragging and everything else I tested / needed seem to work fine, it's just that darn right click area that I would like to change. Any Suggestions? Thanks!