I have been looking for SW that enables one to scan sheet music and have the PC play it out via midi or musicXML, but did not find anything in the repo's.
When looking a bit further, I found several windows programs doing this, and also one
linux program (cross platform Win-MAC-Linux in fact), but no deb file to easily install it in linux.

As I use linux for some time now, I was thinking of doing someting back to the community by making a deb package, so I started reading up on how the Java
programming language is structured and how to make a package.
In the new Ubuntu packaging guide, it is adviced to create the package first via Debian, as a lot of distro's are based on Debian, and by Creating the package for Debian, more people will benefit from the package.

So I went over to the Debian dev site and started reading up there.
It struck me however that Debian is not very welcoming for new packagers.
They require you to read up dozens of documents and politely tell you that as long as you don't perfectly know all of these documents, you should not waste their time by asking questions, and that you will be lucky if someone will dedicate
their time to help you out.
To me, this struck me a bit like RTFM and and **** off unless you know all pages by heart.
but I may perhaps be looking in the wrong places ????

As I think this SW would help music students a lot while practicing, I think I would be
a nice addon in a Linux distro though, so I would like to ask an Ubuntu packager
to add this sw to the repo's
Windows alternatives are Photoscore, smartscore, midiscan, and a number of others.
I did not try yet if those work via WINE, but a native linux package for Audiveris
looks much better IMO.
It will be more user friendly to install and avoid possible system infections via windows viruses while running wine

I contacted the developper to report a bug, and at the same time I told him about my packaging plans. He was positive about it, but asked me to wait for the new release that will come out soon, so in the mean time I started reading on deb packaging, but having read the Debian things, I don't feel the urge to proceed with
this so much anymore.

A few years back while browsing throug the ubuntu site, it also seemed to be more
welcoming to new packagers, but at that time I just started using linux and was not ready to give something back to the community yet.

So I someone feels enthousiast about packaging this piece of sw that will help
musicians who at the same time use linux, IMO it would fill a gap in the linux
music SW palette.

Best rgds,