Im trying to install and run Minecraft on Ubuntu 10.04.

When i click on the minecraft.jar file and select 'open with OpenJDK Java 6 runtime' it loads the login screen, I enter my login details , then i click on the 'play demo' button then it goes to a loading screen saying 'Updating minecraft ... done loading' The loading bar stops just short of the end and thats all that happens.

I have tried the Minecraft installer, all seemed to go well but it still doesnt load. Instead now i go to terminal and type 'minecraft' i then go to sign in , but i still end up stuck on the same loading screen.

I have been looking at other threads with this error but nothing seems to work.

I am trying it on demo mode to see if it works, then if it does i want to go premium.

Can anyone help? im not very techy