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Thread: Parallella '$99' 'supercomputer'

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    Parallella '$99' 'supercomputer'

    Have you seen the Parallella: A Supercomputer For Everyone Kickstarter.

    They are working on making 1000 core co-processors for cheap low power 'supercomputing'. The kickstarter is for a dev board with a dual-core ARM A9 (similar to a pandaboard, much faster than a raspberrypi), with a 16 core epiphany coprocessor for $99. (if they meet $3M there will be a $200 64 core version). The 16core version uses 270mW and 2 mm^2 of silicon.

    They have some demo videos running ubuntu. the patches for their custom cpu cores is in GCC since 4.7.

    As far as I can tell, even though it would loose to GPU on raw GFLOPS, because the cores are more independent, it could accelerate more real world code.

    For the cpu nerds, this document is quite detailed,
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