First of all, this is my first thread here. Been using Ubuntu exclusively for a while and absolutely love it. I think desktop Linux is finally getting to a really stable, usable platform for desktops.

All of my servers have used Ubuntu for a while now.

Anyway, what prompted me to register on the forums and open this thread is my frustration with music syncing to my phone.

Banshee and Rythymbox are great, but there doesn't seem to be an awesome all in one solution for Linux yet.

Here's sort of what I want, and am wondering how you guys achieve this. Don't mind using different software for different steps.

When I buy a track, it goes to my Downloads folder. I want to open my library manager, browse to and add that track. I want my library manager to then MOVE that track into my Music folder, creating the Artist and Album folders for me to keep things organized.


I then delete it from my Downloads folder later when I want.

Then in my library I want to be able to create playlists. I then want a good way to sync my music AND playlists to my Android phone. I currently use the doubleTwist player, but don't mind switching/buying a different app.

What's the best solution? Rythmbox doesn't move my music for me. Banshee does. However neither sync playlists for me. Not that I've found anyway.

Thanks for any input.