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Thread: Can't get adobe download

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    Can't get adobe download

    I've posted here about not getting video working using Lubuntu. One problem I'm having is that when I go to the Adobe website and try to download the flash player, Chromium says that it has to launch an external protocol request. Then, when I click that box, nothing happens, I don't get to download Adobe. I guess I can download it from another computer and transfer it using a memory stick, but what's up with not being able to download Adobe?

    I installed flashplugin-installer, but that hasn't made any video work that wasn't working before I installed it.

    EDIT: After further review....I can't download Adobe on ANY computer! I tried it on a Slackware box, and on a Fedora computer. I get the same "have to open another application" dialog. I refuse to try my wife's XP box,as I can never figure out where a download goes on that thing, but from what I can tell, Adobe's website is screwed up. Or maybe I'm just an idiot.
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    Wink Re: Can't get adobe download

    Adobe has dropped Flash Player for linux...however, Google can/could fill in the gap.
    A great explanation with caveats is Joey Sneddon:

    Updating flash in google chrome has always been a pain...maybe no longer. Good luck
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    Re: Can't get adobe download

    Looks like I'm at the mercy of waiting for html5 to become the standard. There's been a lot of discussion as why we let one company dictate whether or not we can watch video, much like the massive amount of different proprietary codecs for video and audio, when the only purpose those codecs served was to prevent copying (and that security was bypassed by most people before they left the eighth grade).

    Linux, or the operating systems at least, seem to be going through a "phase," a lot like teenagers when they try to figure out what life's all about. We have systemd, gnome, Newtwork Manager. My wireless doesn't work in either mainline Ubuntu or Fedora, and when I get an operating system where the wireless works (as it presently does in Lubuntu), video doesn't work. I can have either video that plays, but no way to see it because the wireless is crappy, or wall-to-wall wireless, but it only works with websites that don't use flash. Kinda like having Windows 98 with a great graphics card installed.

    Or maybe I'm just stuck because this old Compaq computer has an AMD cpu, and nobody seems to make an operating system that works with it. Except for Vector Linux, and probably Puppy Linux.
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