I'm getting out of the current company I work for as a 2nd line technician and have been approached by another company that wants me to interview for the Linux Admin job they have.

I have to answer some pre-interview questions of which some are quite vague and could be answered in several ways.

I want to get this right so I'd like to get some other opinions on what they are asking, the first three questions really.

Question one could be answered with, SAMBA (smbfs),CIFS,VM's

Maybe I'm out of my depth with this job but I do have a fair amount of experience with Linux, OSX, Windows.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Pre-Interview Questions - Linux Desktop Administrator

1. Which technologies would you use to handle a desktop environment that consists in
equal parts of Mac OS, Windows and Linux desktops? Please list at least 6, and indicate
any which you would need to research further before implementing.

2. List three general ways in which you could address security in the age of cloud
computing? (from the standpoint of enterprise IT systems)

3. How would you handle offline access to shared drives on Mac OS X laptops? Are there
any situations in which this could result in data loss? (Answer in three sentences or less)

4. What system or methods do you currently use for tracking software licenses? Please list
two pros and two cons of this approach.