I have a fairly standard Ubuntu 12.04 / Unity set-up on an HP laptop, with a Gobi un2400 3G modem, which all works fine, and connects to the 3G network without a problem. I can send and receive text messages via Wammu, and apart from the well-documented issues I have no real issues.

So, here is my question: I have a client with a temperamental broadband connection. Every so often I need to dial in on their analogue line, get a PPP session going, and then connection to the web interface on the router and reboot it. Obviously no other way in as the broadband is down.

I can't see any way in the Network Manager set-up to configure a simple dial-up networking connection to a phone number using that modem, so that I could dial it without needing access to an analogue line. The 3G modem seems to support AT commands, so maybe I am just looking in the wrong direction. Any suggestions anyone?