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He called again yesterday, still couldnt get on line. had contacted his provider
and as usual they told him it was a linux problem . Which it ended up being in a roundabout way.

He brought it over, i set it up logged in to the system it booted and immediately connected to my wireless network. I plugged a cable in and it again instantly connected to the net. so whats the problem? In talking to him
i discover he has yet to get to the desk top. keeps telling him authentication failure. I log in a couple times with no problem.

i restarted the computer have him sit down at it. get to log in he his the caplock key and types his pass word. this after the first night telling him several times what the password is and writing it down for him. I tap him on the shoulder and say that wont work. so he releases the caplock and holds
the shift key down. exqueeze me that dont work either. hold the shift type the two letters let off it type the numbers (even with a written password and being told he is typing a Q instead of 0.) then hold it for the last letter.

so now he can log in. he has the cat5 he uses with him so i say lets test it.
he pulls it out one lock is broken the other end doesnt look right. guess what it doesnt work. i plug a good one in and bobs your uncle.
I send him home knowing and proving it was after all a PICNIC error.

And the reason i put linux specifically Zorin with the windows desktop on it is pretty simple, the last legal copy of windows i own is 98ME
Stalkinwolf, if I could give you some advice...

Give up. Accept that some people can't use a PC at all or at the current moment, they have other priorities and problems and can't focus, act and think coherently. Or that you could use your time to help much more people (those that are actually interested in learning).

Just phone the guy and say: "Look, I'm really sorry, I did my best but I have no idea how to help you. I though I knew how, but your situation exceeds my skills. If you want I can give you a list of companies that fix computers".

Then use your time for you, your family, your friends, your health, your knowledge, etc.