Well, resume on USB works really well with all forms of suspend/hibernate and also (my favorite) suspend-hybrid.

However, I have 2 issues. I've searched around, but I can't seem to find anything posted that works for me.

1) I don't seem to be able to wake my frontend using my MCE usb ir remote. It worked the first time I tried (but maybe I just bumped the mouse?). But now I can only wake by usb keyboard or mouse.

2) I don't seem to be able to make mythfrontend suspend/hibernate the computer. I enabed the shutdown menu and gave it different commands, but they all seem to require sudo and therein lies the problem. It either just shuts down or does nothing because when I select shutdown from the mythtv exit menu, I assume it's waiting for the sudo password.

I'm hoping someone can assist me or if there is another thread I should look at, I would appreciate the nudge.

Thanks so much