I don't know where to post this so I posed it in the Apple Users forum subdivision (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.p...0#post12272870) and Ill put it here too delete it wherever it isn't needed I just desperately need help

I desperately need help. Apparently over the past 2 week God hates me and has caused the following: My Windows/Ubuntu Dual Boot machine to fail, and my Hackintosh (OSX on an HP HDX18t) to still be working hard drive wise but will not boot. All of my important files are on that hard drive, along with my iPhone's backup files which I desperately need as well because my phone decided to reset itself. So now I have a working Ubuntu 12.something (the most recent one) Live USB plugged in and running on the OSX machine. I had hoped to just navigate to my HDD that was in the machine, and copy my entire OSX HDD onto an external HDD, to save my files and get that iPhone backup file that I so desperately need. However, when I try certain folders on the mounted OSX HDD (such as my Home folder where my backup is located and my pictures, music, etc) it doesn't show that there is anything in them. I have been searching and cannot find any way to get in to get my files, and I am new to Ubuntu so I desperately need help. I read it might have something to do with permissions? if so how do I give myself permission to get all my files off of that HDD? Again I have no idea what to do so I could really use some help on this thanks.