Okay I have a major problem, yesterday I was working on my computer like I normally do and I herd clicking noises, now I was exhausted and could barely do any task so I told myself I'd back my computer up because the harddrive is about to go bad. Well I logged in and started to copy over my files but when I was 23% done the hard drive crashed and when I restarted the computer it said "Gave up waiting for root", I assumed the hard drive crashed but I knew I could recover my files some how, well my father had a CD image of Ubuntu Netbook 10.04 that I could run via CD drive, when I got on the files are there but there is a big white X on some of the files and when I clicked i got the prompt, "the folder contents could not be displayed. You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "Filename". when I try to copy it over I get this "Error while copying.

The folder "Foldername"cannont be handled becauseyou do not have permissions to read it.

My question is how to I grant the Live CD permission to read the drive.