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Thread: 12.04 Installation freezes at "Who are you"

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    Re: 12.04 Installation freezes at "Who are you"

    Quote Originally Posted by Gini1195 View Post
    The difficulty is that the installation didn't finish, as it froze when I completed the "Who are you" entries. (Green tics appeared by user name and computer name. I chose to log in automatically with no password.) There was no error message, but copying files did not start, and there was no progress bar. Nothing appeared to happen, and eventually I gave up.
    The OS didn't 'freeze up'. Green tics need to be on all lines. You must enter a password for the install to 'continue'. You may choose not to use it at login, the option is there, but the password must be chosen for all your root work later. Installing, changes, etc. You won't be able to do anything without the password.

    I used to balk at logging in via password, but have changed m y mind. I learned the 'hard way' that it can avoid some problems later, like being able to boot into recovery or earlier kernal. It's very useful and takes no time, a second or two.. You can make it a simple one character if you want to. It will say it's 'too short', but it will accept it--just continue.
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