i found this sweet app on the android market called blupad, installed it, ran:

amidi -p virtual -d


sudo modprobe snd-virmidi

in my terminal. but i am having a hard time configuring it from here. in alsa tab there are 5 connections on the left of qjackctl and 7 on the right, i cant seem to figure out how to plug them into each other. i read that virtual midi is like a transport, but i always end up with 2 extra plugs. when i push buttons on the phone there is no activity in patchage. the phone and computer are sync'd via bluetooth alright. i havent slept in 2 days so maybe that is contributing to my frustration, but please can someone help? i want to use my phone as a drumpad and my mpc as a keyboard. its something about a loopback? thanks. -ki3gz

p.s. - please forgive my formatting, i have posted in a forum less than ten times in my life and im 24.. does that make me a loser?