If the dash/overview was the default view.

Does anyone know of any way to make this possible?

By default, one has to perform an action (moving the pointer to the top left corner or maybe a hotkey) before they can do anything.

Open the overview THEN search for an app.
Open the overview THEN click on a launcher in the favourites bar.

This has always been an issue for me with Gnome 3 and the main reason I have avoided it in the past.

It would be better if the desktop loaded up and the overview was there, ready and waiting.
You could just start typing straight away to search for an app or just go straight to your web browser or whatever instead of having to go up and left then down to the favourites bar.

When apps are open you would still go top left to go to overview and when all apps are closed, you would be back at the overview ready to do more work.

Why oh why isn't it like this by default and how can I make it so?