Have HP laptop that will not boot from its internal hard drive. Booted using Ubuntu 12.04 ISO CD that I made and can mount the windows drive with no problem. I also have an external USB drive mounted. How do I backup the windows drive to the USB drive to: a. Save the applications and data that I have on the "dead" windows drive; b. Hopefully make a bootable USB hard drive that has all the original files from the windows drive so that I can boot off the external hard drive and use the windows applications that I have on the "dead" drive. I can't seem to locate any applications on the Ubuntu desktop even though the Software Center says the programs are installed. I can see the programs on /usr/bin but can't run them from there. I've been away from Linux for around 10 years now and like the improvements that I see. Previous to that I was a Un*x sys admin for 20+ years so I still do know my way around a little bit.

Thanks, Jon.