I'm not really new to linux as I've used it since windows 2000/me were being shipped with PCs. However I've always gone back and forth and with Steam and other goodies coming, but some do not plan to port to other distros or release the source just a release for a ubuntu.

So here's my question, are source distro's still relevant in today's world? I have a really high end machine, GTX geforce 680 + one of the newer quadros, 64GB of DDR3 1600MHZ worth of ram (can go up to 128GB), Sandy Bridge E Xeon 4GHZ X2.

I've spent roughly close to 5K on the machine but that does include 3X monitors, mechanical keyboard(corsair is awesome! bought the MMO version as it's backlit), mouse, and planning on a studio quality speaker system sometime next year. I don't need 5.1 to be honest.. but I do have a 5.1 setup.

So to me I really saw no difference between Funtoo(what I'm currently using) and Arch Linux with my setup, but ask that question when someone has a run of the mill Dell or HP, you would see a difference as the packages could be compiled for your hardware. Still can but the difference is so small is it worth it anymore?

Can't say I'm getting bored with the Gentoo echo system as I've used Gentoo as my main OS along side windows for 5 years and just recently dropped windows all together with my fresh install of Funtoo.

But I am getting bored with ebuild and portage issues that are constantly either breaking or a package has an issue.. Use and Cflags are useful but is there really a difference anymore?

Also I have noticed Wine lately seems to work better with Ubuntu lately than any other distro, reason being Photoshop. I can get version cs6 running without issues in ubuntu but can't even with the same settings in Gentoo. What's up with that?