I have a MacBook, white (4,1) and did a dual boot install (using rEFIt)

I just created an 80 Gig "freespace" on the new SSD hard drive and then booted to a live USB of Ubuntu 12.04

here is the "stuff" for a "do something else" install;

/dev/sda1 efi
/dev/sda2 hfs+ (this is OS X)
/dev/sda3 fat32 (this is a partition I am going to use as a "swapbox" between OS X and Ubuntu)
free space 86033MB <- this is where Ubuntu will go.

I would like the 80 Gig space to hold Ubuntu and it's swap. I am also totally confused about where to set the "Device for boot loader installation"

Thanks for the help, I just can't seem to find the answer anywhere.

I tried this once before and just used the "Install Ubuntu alongside Mac OS X" and it all worked, even used my free space to do it, but after selecting Ubuntu to boot to from rEFIt menu, I would get the boot menu from Ubuntu as well. Is this the norm?