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Thread: Graphic startup problems

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    Graphic startup problems

    I had trouble with overheating of graphic card, which leads to some unclean shutdowns. After cleaning the harddisk (fsck) one major problem remains:

    When I start the system in normal mode (grub) I come to an annoying white screen with some unreadable letters in it. This was always so, but annoyes me now even more now, since more "writing" appears and it hangs there!

    The writing is from left to right, black on white, partial a character and it seems to be mirrorred. I try to attach a picture, but it does not work to attach.

    If I start the system in recovery mode (grub), I come to the recovery menu. Here I just need to continue!
    I will aslo come to the annoying white screen, but now I can switch to another console!
    In another console (ALT-F2) I can use startx and I am in my system without Unity. Unity I can get back with a terminal and unity --reset

    How can I get my system fixed?
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