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Thread: Reset admin password without recovery

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    Reset admin password without recovery

    I know this might sound quite strange, but I've reset my password in the change password menu (under System > Administration > Users and Groups) and selected generate random and clicked on OK without writing it down (there should be another step to ask if we really want to change the password).

    To make it really worse, my current situation is that I'm connected to a secondary monitor to my laptop whose screen doesn't work. I've set it up to work only in secondary monitor, so I can't go to recovery - I can't see anything that happens in main screen (and laptop is not smart enough to recognize it has a connected monitor and show all boot procedures in remote monitor)

    So, is there a way to reset my lost password without going to recovery?

    PS. Due to my issue with main screen, I've never tried to upgrade, so I'm still stuck with 10.04 Lucid Lynx

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    Cool Re: Dell Latitude E6420 Dell Secure Manager Password

    Hello All, my ex wife has moved to oakland and has locked me out of my laptop, i currently use Lucid on an old macintosh emac g4( yes the one with everything in the monitor) however im in the middle of a career change and all my work for CIS 120 A+ exam prep is on the laptop. This blows big time!! the dell secure manager screen reads the following: BMS53R1-1D3B, if anyone can help, i would greatly appreciate it, tired of working at the home depot(dead end job). Thanks in advance ps.. you can also email me at
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