This is a serious suggestion directed towards current and future releases of Ubuntu.

The things that keep me from installing Ubuntu are:

- frequent kernel updates that do more harm than good
- blacklisting of older hardware

Most people have encountered that annoying habit of Ubuntu making things that used to work in a previous version not work anymore in a newer one. That is why this is an appeal (and shouldn't be, because a good OS should support ALL THE HARDWARE) to:

- release only properly tested kernel updates


- install something similar to mintupdate, that avoids kernel updates, which is the reason Mint is more stable than Ubuntu
- quit the habit of blacklisting older hardware

This is an issue that has been haunting (former) Ubuntu users since Ubuntu practically arrived I believe. Each time with each new release something worked and then it didn't. Each new update broke something.

Would someone finally listen to the community and be reasonable about this?