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so i have it locked down at the router through a couple different ways including Linksys' own parental controls. a couple of the ip addresses i have blocked but i have to keep others for certian forums and what not because of cross hosting. that article from 2010 i have some of it but not others so i think that will be a good place to start. as well as dansguardian will be. i have been watching my logs because we had a couple firewall intrusion attempts. i mean both the wifes and myselfs work computers are locked down really really well but it is a computer, and it does run windows and there are always ways around everything. as i read through logs and his web history if/when i get the chance i lock down prob a new site a week. its just bloody hard to keep up. i can leave my router in a n open place because funny enough the reset button doesnt work and its a combo unit. idk. thank you all for the suggestions they will make a huge difference im sure.

is there still anyway to remote view his activity on his computer. like not at the same time but just a history?
Are you using a blacklist? People already make blacklists that have a bunch of "bad" sites, so much of the work is done for you... Both DansGuardian and OpenDNS can apparently log. However, I just looked at DansGuardian some more and apparently it's a proxy that likely should be installed on another computer. That might be too much of a hassle. OpenDNS would probably be a simpler way to both filter and log. Although, the OpenDNS logs won't show you exactly which computer on your network went to a site.