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Thread: Is there a linux laptop that just works? monitor, hibernate, sleep :-(

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    Is there a linux laptop that just works? monitor, hibernate, sleep :-(

    I dreamed of a linux laptop that just worked. I got the latest gazelle professional. I was a fool.

    1. It does not hibernate. That's fine. I should have read the page more carefully. It should have been clear from the feature list explicitly mentioning suspend that I wouldn't be able to hibernate.

    2. If I plug a monitor in via HDMI, I get really high kworker cpu usage and the mouse is really really laggy.

    3. It often wakes from sleep with a black screen. I have a functioning mouse cursor, but I can't see the desktop. I resort to switching to a terminal(ctrl-alt-f1) and restarting the desktop manager. Losing everything I was working on and defeating the purpose of a sleep function.

    Is there another offering from system 76 not be plagued with linux issues like this?

    4. This is unrelated to linux: I got a matte display because I didn't like reflective glossy displays. For some reason the frame around the display is a glossy and reflective surface.
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