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Thread: Beats audio on Hp pavilion m6

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    Beats audio on Hp pavilion m6

    I have an HP Pavilion m6 1045dx and it comes with beats audio. However, when I installed Ubuntu 12.04, it only plays sound out of the normal laptop speakers as opposed to the beats speakers. I know this problem has been solved for other laptops with beats audio but this one is relatively new so I don't think anyone has come up with a solution yet. I really really want to get these speakers working and if I'm not able to I'll have to switch back to Windows.

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    Re: Beats audio on Hp pavilion m6

    I have an m6-1045dx, but as far as I can tell, the internal speakers work fine.

    The thing with Beats on Windows is, HP installs an EQ for the audio driver, that b icon in the taskbar, and it makes my Beats headphones, as well as the laptop speakers sound really, really crappy when it "Beats Audio" is disabled. Like it makes my Beats headphones sound bad.

    When enabled, I notice certain parts of songs with heavy bass kinda give that EQ effect where vocals for example are muffled in lieu of the bass.

    Point is, when I used Windows, I used the default Windows audio driver, not the Beats one.

    Furthermore, as far as I can tell, Ubuntu sounds the same as Windows with the default driver, and when putting my ear up to the built-in subwoofer, I can hear sound.

    As far as the m6-1045dx goes, I'm much more concerned about the fingerprint and SD card reader drivers....

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    Re: Beats audio on Hp pavilion m6

    Bump for this. I have an M6-1054sa with the Beats audio, which works fine in Windows but I can't get it to work in Ubuntu.
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    Re: Beats audio on Hp pavilion m6

    how did you install ubuntu on your laptop? i have the same laptop and cant get it to boot ubuntu from disk or usb.

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