I am a subscriber to Adobe's cloud services, as it gives me access to their entire Creative Suite, an invaluable set of tools. I am also a recent Ubuntu convert, after having dabble with it for a little over a decade, and using it for several years as my server OS of choice. My question is this- Mac OSX is built on BSD, a stone's throw away from Linux, so close in architecture that they share a great deal of the same tools: Why do they shun the Linux community? I really hate having to run CS6 on a virtual machine suffering the glitches inherent with virtual graphics drivers, but at the same time, I despise the thought of having to go back to Windows, and losing things like apt-get, multiple desktops, bash, the wealth of easily set-up programming tools that I can use to compile just about any language, the LAMP stack, rvm, etc... I cannot afford to drop twice as much as I would on a PC on a Mac, so that's out of the question too. I've heard for years that GIMP and Inkscape are viable alternatives to Photoshop and Illustrator, but as a longtime user of all of them, I have to say I don't share that opinion (cue OSS-fanatic forum hate in 3...2...1...), GIMP is great at some things that Photoshop doesn't do, but sucks at everything it can do, by comparison, anyways, and I don't see how anyone in their right mind can tell me that Inkscape is a better vector graphics editor than Illustrator, especially when Illustrator can be so neatly tied into my workflow with InDesign and Acrobat.

So, why no love, Adobe?

I love you.

I pay for your product.

Please make a Linux port of CS6 (or if that's not possible, CS7).