I recently tried to change back from the Windows Boot loader to Grub, but in doing so i managed to completely mess up somehow!

I have my computer on dual boot using Ubuntu and Windows 7.

Now when i try to boot neither comes up!

I have tried using the Boot-Repair tool but the problem persists.

At the end of Boot Repair I am given this URL which http://paste.ubuntu.com/1227481/

Also, it gave this message:
"The boot files of [Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS] are far from the start of the disk. Your BIOS may not detect them. You may want to retry after creating a /boot partition (EXT4, >200MB, start of the disk). This can be performed via tools such as gParted. Then select this partition via the [Separate /boot partition:] option of [Boot Repair]. (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootPartition)".

I tried to create such a partition but only 4 primary partitions are permitted!

Help is very much needed at this moment in time.

Thanks in advance.