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Lots of good info from everyone, thanks for all the help guys.
I don't mind doing things the hard way, that's one of the best way to learn.
I'm going to take it real slow on editing to re-size, making sure I have all the info in front of me before jumping in.
Making mistakes is another way I learn, just hoping to keep it to a minimum.

When I get this all accomplished I'll post a "This is what this newb had to do to get this to work on a little 1024x768 screen" and how to change the color of the script (proper credit going where it should of course). Screen shot of how everything turns out as well.

Edit: Just put the chartreuse Green hex code into an rgb converter and came out with the same rgb triplet code as what Sector11 posted (thanks again Sector11)
Where to change colors and font is in the readme.
    Font, Fonts, and Font Color can be changed by editing these lines in the lua script (conkyWeather_arclance.lua)
        color0_R,color0_G,color0_B,color0_A = (204/255),(153/255),0,1 -- Yellow #CC9900
        color1_R,color1_G,color1_B,color1_A = (238/255),(118/255),0,1 -- Orange #EE7600
        color3_R,color3_G,color3_B,color3_A = (139/255),0,0,1 -- Shade Color #8B0000
        font = "DejaVu Sans Mono"
        fSize = 13
        bfSize = 12